Zalatimo Brothers

Zalatimo Brothers For Sweets

It all began in Jerusalem in the year 1860, when our great grandfather Mohammed Zalatimo created a unique kind of sweet he named “Mutabbaq”.
Mutabbaq is a very specialized treat where the dough is hand tossed to paper thin, after being filled with one of our  fillings (cheese, cream or walnuts) it is folded to its final unique square shape, then baked to a beautiful golden color, sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with sweet syrup to create a masterpiece that has been our signature dish since 1860.  
Today, we Zalatimo Brothers for Sweets continue our grandfather's passion with a desire to excel and develop our products using the same traditional recipes, yet developing and continuously improving our product line to include a  wide range of specialized Mediterranean delights, Patisserie, Chocolates, Nougat & Gifts.   
We promise to deliver quality and freshness in our products which are proudly made with the finest ingredients.