Exciting Videos

The Production of Our Gourmet Meditteranean Delights

Experience the production of traditional meditteranean delights & how we managed to evolve this tradition from very modest techniques & tools to a state of the art yet artisanal production.

Our Cake & Patisserie Department

Take a tour through our cake & patisserie department where all our new and mouth watering innovations are made with love.

Our Mamoul Production

Here you will watch how we produce our world famous mamoul

Our Branches

We have a network of exclusive shops to cater to the needs of our customers.

Chocolates & Gifts

A world of exquisite gifts await you at Zalatimo Brothers

Order Online

Order your favorite sweets whether locally or internationally through our latest website & App.

A World of Gourmet Sweets

From Jerusalem to the world, a journey through our traditional & exquisite gourmet sweets.

From Jerusalem to the world

A true heritage

Al Jazeera Tv. Visits Zalatimo Brothers

An exclusive report done by AlJazeera during Ramadan 2014

Knafeh A Very Special & Traditional Delight.