The Art of Sweet Making

Our story began in a divine city that shines beauty and ancient history upon the whole world, Jerusalem. Inspired by the unmatched cultural heritage of the city, our great grandfather, Mohammad Zalatimo, established the first “Zalatimo” shop for Middleasrern Sweets in the heart of Jerusalem back in the year 1860.

Soon the shop became popular for a certain type of sweets called “Muttabaq” that he himself created. It became the habit of the people of Jerusalem to have this sweet (paper thin folded filo dough filled with melted white Local cheese) for breakfast. By time, other types of mouthwatering sweets began to be sold in this shop, paving the way for a great true and authentic Middleastern sweets brand to be born.

Today, The Zalatimo brothers, Mr. Ahmed Wael Zalatimo and Mr. Talal Wael Zalatimo, take it upon themselves to keep the business of their grandfather and his passion for sweets alive. Together They established Zalatimo Brothers for Sweets and kept serving the original recipe of Muttabaq alongside a huge variety of both eastern as well as western sweets and pastry. With pride, they offer a large assortment of gourmet sweets and carry with dedication the tradition of their ancestors for generations to come.

With many branches all over Jordan and a state-of-the-art factory, their beloved business grew and nurtured depending on the finest ingredients and utmost quality. Fresh gourmet sweets are guaranteed in each piece. Made with passion, Zalatimo Brothers for Sweets give sheer pleasure with each bite.

The story of authenticity goes on as we keep innovating new types of sweets that please the eye before the sense of taste. Wherever they are, sweet lovers can enjoy our products by ordering online and they will surely enjoy their freshness with our carefully packaged boxes that savor the aromatic flavors.

Our own original recipes made with the best ingredients available worldwide distinguish us. These fresh ingredients are delicately put together with the hands of highly trained and dedicated chefs. With the help of some of the most modern sweets manufacturing machinery, we brought the making of Middleastern Delights to a new level. To encourage their creativity and ensure their loyalty, we provide our employees with a very relaxing and productive work environment.

Our main products include Middleastern sweets, cakes, chocolate (including special arrangements and baskets), nougat, icecream, traditional products ( cold pressed olive oil, honey, homemade jams etc.) and products for special occasions such as new borns, weddings and engagements, birthdays, and graduation.

Some of our renowned Middleastern delights include Baklawa, Mamoul (filled with dates, pistachios or walnuts), Ghriebeh, Noughat, Turkish Delights, Dried Fruits, amongst tens of other delicious traditional desserts.