Our History

The “Zalatimo” story began in the divine city that shines upon the world, Jerusalem. Inspired by its cultural heritage, Mohammad Zalatimo established the first “Zalatimo” shop for Mediterranean Sweets in the heart of Jerusalem in the year 1860.

The shop became popular for “Muttabaq” , a type of sweet of his creation. Made of paper-thin folded filo dough and filled with a special melted white Local cheese. Soon after, “Muttabaq” became a popular breakfast for the people of Palestine.

Mr. Zalatimo evolved the business by introducing a numerous number of mouthwatering sweets & treats to his shop. This paved the way for a great & truly authentic Mediterranean sweets brand to be born.

Today Mr. Ahmed Wael Zalatimo is nourishing the business of his grandfather through carrying his passion for sweets. Mr. Ahmed has developed “Zalatimo Brothers for Sweets” into serving a wide variety of both Eastern and Western delights and pastries alongside the original recipe of the most famous Muttabaq.

Mr. Zalatimo's efforts has fruitfully resulted in a network of Branches across the Kingdom of Jordan. These branches are supplied from a state-of-the-art factory, which is in turn supported by one of the best storage facilities in the Middle East.

With pride, Zalatimo Brothers carry the tradition of their grandfather with unquestioned quality.